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Eight Dollar Canyon



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Builders - Eric Cains / Graham Broad / Tom Nicholls (scenic support)

US 60s-70s Mainly Southern Pacific / Milwaukee Road, Multiple Track Circular Club Layout, Scale 3.5 mm, Gauge HO, DC, Width approx. 16 foot diameter circle, composed of eight approx. 5 foot module trapeziums making an octagon, Code 83 some handbuilt track.
8 dollar

This is the Club's first attempt at a North American layout, and has been designed to showcase the interests and rolling stock of the members involved, namely Graham Broad (that's me) Eric Cains, Tom Nicholls and Andy Geddes. The trains will be from Southern Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Union Pacific and Amtrak, either simultaneously or one at a time, with probably a few extras from time to time.

It is octagonal in shape, on eight boards (hence the name, which is a real place, though the similarity ends there), and is about 16 ft in diameter, viewable from all around the circuit. It is mostly operated from the outside, with a fiddle-yard operator on the inside, so 4 operators can be kept busy.

We have been building it since about 2005, in the times allowed between other projects, so progress has been gradual, but most buildings and scenery are now complete. All that's needed now are all those small details to make it look special. It has already been out to 3 shows at Bognor, Horsham and Woking, and we are always interested in invitations to more shows.

8 dollar 2

8 Dollar Canyon combines continuous running of multiple long trains and dramatic scenery. The experience of the watcher is multiple: Different view-points around the full 360 Degree complete circuit: station, industrial, tunnels and of course the amazing canyon itself give a different dimension depending on where you stand. A multiple track fiddle yard provides a ready supply of trains, alternating with those on the equally multiple main lines.

For Exhibition managers, 8 Dollar Canyon offers visitors the long US train experience combined with continuous running and dramatic scenery. Worked from mostly outside the layout gives opportunity to the public to ask questions and interact with operators. A centre piece or just an interesting layout - either way it doesn't disappoint.

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Please note that 8 Dollar Canyon is only available for two day exhibitions

8 dollar track

The main objective is to see long trains running round, so there will be plenty of those, but there is also the opportunity of shunting on the inner loop and its associated industry sidings. There are crossovers to the fiddle yard which is in the centre of the circle, to allow trains to be swapped over as required. Scenery has evolved really, to a mixture of red-rock desert scrubland and a spectacular rocky gorge with trestle, typical of the western USA. There is also a small town scene with some industries to give an excuse for switching cars. As it really is a club layout, it's mostly a case of anything goes, so various members interests and designs can be accommodated, as well as any trains that people want to operate.

November 2012

Photos:Tom Nicholls, Graham Broad, Dave Smith

8 dollar 3

Panorana Section photos by Dave Smith

Please note that 8 Dollar Canyon is only available for two day exhibitions)